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Justin Riley:  I have a degree in Exercise Science/Fitness Management from the University of Alabama and have a wealth of experience in the fitness arena. Throughout the years, I’ve been blessed to have been mentored by several experts in bodybuilding, power lifting, and other fitness avenues. This includes the former strength and conditioning coach of the University of Alabama, Ben Pollard, while I was at the University of Alabama serving as a student assistant with the Crimson Tide football team.  I competed in both power lifting and bodybuilding with much success.  My personal best at the peak of my powerlifting endeavors on benchpress was 425lbs.  In January 2014, I decided to enter the Transformation Challenge. In just 12 weeks, I lost 45lbs! I started out weighing 215lbs and finished strong at 170lbs. To put it into perspective, I went from Peter Griffin to John Cena. I gave 100% for 12 weeks and God met me half way. So, I have decided to share the miracle God provided me with others.”-Justin Riley 

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Julian Todd:  “Growing up in an athletic arena was an outlet for me as a kid. It helped with anger management and kept me out of trouble. Not realizing it at the time, but running track, playing basketball, and playing football at a college level established a passion for fitness and helping change others’ lives.  After receiving a Personal Training certification in 2008 and a Strength and Agility certification in 2012 a mission for helping others find their true potential and the strength that lives inside each of them through fitness was set into motion.  Like everyone else I have not been spared life’s hardships. At low points in my own life, I too have turned to food rather than dealing with the depression and stress of life. However, God remained constant during those times and never let me sink. His mercies were new every morning and over time strengthened me to get myself together and defeat the things that brought me down. I allowed life’s struggles and lack of self-control to contribute to my weight gain until it reached 255lbs. The day I had to buy a size 40 jeans was the day I knew I needed to make a change.  I made the food changes, workout changes, and overall lifestyle changes that needed to be made to get myself back down to 220lbs in just 4 months.  Now fitness has become the driving fuel for each day. Having the ability to help others change their lives, see their inner potential, sculpt their bodies, and teach them how to make the necessary food changes to set them up for a life time of success has become my life’s mission. My name is Julian T. Todd II and I believe in fitness.”-Julian Todd

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