Success Stories

12One Training Jordan Transformation IMG_2293 12One Training Justin Jordan


Jordan Jemison: Jordan Jemison is one of the faces of 12One Training. He’s been with us for 4 years now, and the success he has achieved is nothing short of epic. Jordan came to us with no experience in weight training, dieting, or anything fitness related. All he had was a desire to be great. His first goal was to gain as much size as possible with strength that matched it. Upon starting, Jordan weighed around 185lbs at 6”5. He could barely benchpress 225lbs. In 2 years time, he soared to weighing 230lbs and benchpressing over 300lbs. He benchpressed 225lbs for reps and curled 135lbs for reps! After achieving this success, he decided to lean down for a more shredded look. In just a 1.5 months, he dropped 30lbs and looked ready to step on stage.  He continues to work toward building lean muscle mass and may one day indeed step on stage. Jordan is humble and hungry. He doesn’t just give 100%. He gives 150%. Whatever his goal, he gives his all to the three areas of fitness: diet, cardio, and weight training. In addition, he took it upon himself to research top Mr.Olympia competitors as well as supplementation. He has been the ideal pupil and it has graduated into being a great teacher to others. Not only has he been a multi-time winner of our cardio class, “The Combine”, MVP award, he’s also led some sessions.  Fitness isn’t something he does. It’s something he lives out daily!


Matt Row                           Matt Smith biceps 12One buddies


Matt Smith: Matt came to 12One Training with a previous fitness experience with CrossFit. He felt that he wasn’t seeing the results that were meaningful enough to continue in this arena. Matt sought the help of our training after some time of following us on Facebook. He quickly found out that he lacked knowledge in dieting, strength training, and overall body development. Crossfit just wasn’t making that provision.  Upon joining, 12One Training, he completely sold out in three phases: diet, cardio, and weight training. Matt also took it upon himself research bodybuilders, their methods, and proper supplementation.  In 12 weeks, Matt lost 22lbs and gained 10lbs of lean muscle mass. When asked what he felt his most important lessons gained from his experienced, he replied, “I liked finding my weak spots and seeing the progress as they developed. I learned that explosiveness is as important as strength during lifts.”


Lexi Combine Lexi Legpress Lexi Lift


Lexi Fitch: Lexi is a huge supporter and alumni of 12One Training. In a 3 week mini-training camp, she lost 8lbs and earned some abs for a her trip to the beach. She is also a 5 time MVP award winner of our cardio class, “The Combine”. During several sessions, she showed great leadership ability calling drills and successfully getting the best effort out of every participant. In addition to being a participant, she served 12One Training with great marketing to promote our services.


Jordan Hall


Jordan Hall: Jordan came to 12One Training seeking to end his long time battle with being overweight. He was at a point that a decision had to be made concerning his health. He made no excuses and provided nothing but humble, hard work. No matter what was asked of him, he did it and often times went above & beyond. He committed to diet, cardio, and weight training. Jordan actively pursued his goal by participating in “The Combine”, our boot camps, and weight training. He was a multi-time winner of “The Combine” MVP award. His starting weight was 280lbs. After 2 months of intense work, he dropped to 250lbs! He still continues the pursuit of his goal to be in the best shape possible. Jordan is a very inspirational member of the 12One Training family.