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12One Meal Plans: Based on your fitness objectives, we will design a specific, heavily detailed, meal plan that lasts for 12 weeks. Our plans eliminate guess work and provide a variety of options while on your journey. This provides an excellent foundation not only while in training, but also after completion that will allow you not only to achieve your goals, but maintain them.

*Best results when combined with a good workout plan and 3-5 sessions of cardio per week.

Cost: $50


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12One Workout Routines: No matter your personal goal: weightloss, muscle growth, sports training, bodybuilding, etc., we can design a workout plan that fits you. If you are new to the arena, we can also provide a program that welcomes you in properly and without scaring you away. Just like the meal plans, all routines are 12 weeks in length and eliminate any guess work. We will take into account areas of weakness, limitations, and any other detail that is important to your overall success. When ordering, please include that information. Our programs provide a lasting legacy that will allow you to surpass your goals and continue on that path of success!

*Best results when combined with a good daily meal plan.


Cost: $50



*The Combine: This is a new, revolutionary cardio class that took the Birmingham area by storm. We took football drills, modified them, and designed a cardio class that everyone, no matter their skill level can participate in. This class focuses on speed, agility, core, balance, and endurance. If you’re tired of aerobics and the mundane treadmills, this is the class for you! We work hard, but each participant has fun doing it. It doesn’t seem like work or a cardio class! Each week, we award MVP honors to the participant who worked the hardest, demonstrated leadership, and provided the most encouragement to other participants.


Cost: $10 per session

*Only available in the Huntsville, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi areas by appointment. Contact Justin Riley (Jackson) or Julian Todd(Huntsville) for a session.

**If you would like information on starting an edition of the Combine in your area, contact Justin or Julian.