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Women advised to sleep on side to help prevent stillbirth

The risk of stillbirth is doubled if women go to sleep on their backs in the last trimester, a study finds. Read More »

Rev. Jesse Jackson Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease

CHICAGO — The Rev. Jesse Jackson disclosed publicly Friday that he has been seeking outpatient care for two years for Parkinson’s disease and plans to “dedicate” himself to physical therapy to slow the progress of the disease. In a letter to supporters, the 76-year-old civil rights icon said… Read More »

No, there has not been a successful human head transplant

And the whole story is extremely fishy. Read More »

Hunter who survived The Revenant-style bear attack reveals incredible transformation after surgeons rebuilt his FACE

Lee Brooke was hunting in the mountains of Wyoming when he was forced to fight a grizzly bear Read More »

Italian doctor says world’s first human head transplant ‘imminent’

A controversial Italian doctor announced Friday that the world’s first human head transplant would take place in China. Read More »

Want to live longer? Get a dog

Owning a dog could literally be saving your life. According to a new study, dog owner have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Read More »

Baby boy is first marijuana overdose death, doctors claim

Two Colorado doctors claim they have documented the first case of a person dying from consuming too much marijuana. Read More »

Doctors report first marijuana overdose – and it was an 11-month-old baby who died

Colorado doctors reported the first known human death from a marijuana overdose after an 11-month-old died from myocarditis following THC exposure Read More »

‘Lock her up’: Girl who mistakenly shot elk ‘bullied’ as wildlife officials decide her fate

‘Don’t come at my daughter saying lock her away. Wow. If my daughter gets fined, I’ll pay it and move on. So be it. We’ll deal with it,’ the Missouri girl’s dad said.  Read More »

US approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it

Press Release – A health sensitization and screening programme has taken place at Weija in the Ga West Municipality of Accra. Read More »