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Even Mild Brain Injuries May Increase Your Chances of Getting Parkinson’s, Study Says

According to a new study Read More »

A swarming, exotic tick species is now living year round in NJ

A tick species that was discovered for the first time in the U.S. on a Hunterdon County farm last year has survived the winter. Read More »

E. coli outbreak warning expands to all types of romaine lettuce

CDC’s latest warning about lettuce from southwest Arizona urges consumers to avoid any romaine if they don’t know where it was grown. Read More »

Number of prescriptions for opioid painkillers drops dramatically in US

New data shows that prescriptions for opioid painkillers have fallen the most in 25 years amid increasing legal restrictions and public awareness. Read More »

Abby Lee Miller Is ‘Not Out of the Woods Yet’ as She Faces Preliminary Cancer Diagnosis

Abby Lee Miller may be recovering well from emergency surgery, but her doctor says she’s “not out of the woods yet” Read More »

‘White coat hypertension’ may be sign of a real problem, study finds

Measuring blood pressure regularly at home is a much better way to predict risk of heart death. Read More »

Gene therapy helps patients avoid blood transfusion

An experimental gene therapy for blood disorders was shown to be safe and effective in helping beta thalassemia patients avoid blood transfusions in a new study. However, more research is needed Read More »

A New Lung Cancer Drug Is Shaking Up Treatment: How Does It Work?

“There has been a history of animal welfare violations” at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, the Humane Society’s Kathleen Conlee said. Read More »

New drug uses antibodies to stop chronic migraines, without side effects

When other medications have failed, new injection treatment may help some patients with disabling headaches. Read More »

Baboons escape Texas research facility using barrel as ladder

The animals were not hurt during the escape. Read More »