Monthly Archives: April 2018

HIV-infected people are living for years, but age-related diseases set in early

Heart, liver, kidney and other diseases may develop earlier than in others the same age. Read More »

‘Moderate’ drinking guidelines are too loose, study says

Life expectancy drops and cardiovascular issues rise if you have more than a drink a day, the study says. Read More »

Millions had plastic surgery in 2017

3 things to know before you go under the knife Want a nose job, a tummy tuck or some other cosmetic procedure? So do 17.5 million other Americans – or at least they did in 2017. The American Societ… Read More »

Bad news night owls: People who go to bed later may be at higher risk of poor health

A new study has shown that people who describe themselves as an “evening person” may be at higher risk of poor health compared to morning types. Read More »

In opioid epidemic, some cities strain to afford OD antidote

On a Baltimore street corner, public health workers hand out a life-saving overdose antidote to residents painfully familiar with the ravages of America’s opioid epidemic. But the training wraps up quickly; all the naloxone inhalers are claimed within 20 minutes. Read More »

CDC Investigating What Is Causing E. Coli Outbreak That’s Reached 7 States

There is the good kind of Escherichia coli bacteria. Then there is the stinky kind. E. coli O157:H7 is the stinky kind. Read More »

Gender-affirming surgery ‘significantly improves quality of life,’ study says

Approximately 75 percent of transgender women showed an improved quality of life after surgery, a study out of Germany found. Read More »

‘Despicable’ cancer fraud jailed after swindling her family and friends out of $42k

How long you might live may depend on where you live, according to new research Read More »

Stolen Memories: A NH Alzheimer’s patient’s long decline toward his final days

The first time Brenda Bouchard thought her husband might die was after he came down with a cold.Ken was feverish and pale, and emergency room doctors feared his virus might turn into an infection. They wanted to start him on antibiotics right… Read More »

3-year-old thriving after becoming first to get world’s smallest mechanical heart valve during medical trial

A little girl who became the first baby to undergo surgery to connect a miniature, mechanical heart valve in a medical trial is thriving as the FDA approves the valve. Read More »