Monthly Archives: April 2018

‘White coat hypertension’ may be sign of a real problem, study finds

Measuring blood pressure regularly at home is a much better way to predict risk of heart death. Read More »

Gene therapy helps patients avoid blood transfusion

An experimental gene therapy for blood disorders was shown to be safe and effective in helping beta thalassemia patients avoid blood transfusions in a new study. However, more research is needed Read More »

A New Lung Cancer Drug Is Shaking Up Treatment: How Does It Work?

“There has been a history of animal welfare violations” at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, the Humane Society’s Kathleen Conlee said. Read More »

New drug uses antibodies to stop chronic migraines, without side effects

When other medications have failed, new injection treatment may help some patients with disabling headaches. Read More »

Baboons escape Texas research facility using barrel as ladder

The animals were not hurt during the escape. Read More »

Feeling stuck? Here’s how to start a weight-loss journey without the stress

Beginning a weight-loss journey, especially when you’ve had multiple failures in the past, can be overwhelming … and even flat out daunting. Here are five tips to help you get started. Read More »

Drug Test Spurs Frank Talk Between Hypertension Patients And Doctors

High blood pressure can cause severe health problems, but some of the medications to control it have unpleasant side effects. A new drug test alerts doctors when patients aren’t taking their meds. Read More »

Too much sitting may thin the part of your brain that’s important for memory, study suggests

If you want to take a good stroll down memory lane, new research suggests you’d better get out of that chair more often. Researchers have found that a brain structure key to learning and memory is plumpest in those who spend the most time standing up and moving. Read More »

Chili grower defends world’s hottest pepper after man who ate one was hospitalized

A chili grower defended the world’s hottest pepper called the “Carolina Reaper” following a report about a man who was hospitalized after eating the extremely spicy fruit at a contest. Read More »

Sitting Too Much Can Change Your Brain & Impact Your Memory, A New Study Says

Most jobs today require sitting in front of the computer for eleventy-million hours, and a new study published in the Public Library of Science found that all of that sitting can change your brain — it actually shrinks the part of your brain responsi… Read More »