Monthly Archives: January 2018

Mother: Care denied daughter left in cold in hospital gown

The mother of a mentally ill woman who was left outside a Baltimore hospital on a frigid night wearing only a flimsy gown and socks says the 22-year-old daughter was denied care by medical professionals and left to face life-threatening conditions on the street. Cheryl Chandler said she was… Read More »

Questions and Answers About This Year’s Flu Season

The virus is widespread, and the vaccine is a poor match. But while some areas are hit hard, others have been spared, and deaths are not unusually common this season. Read More »

Walmart Offers Product To Destroy Leftover Opioids, But Critics Say It’s Unnecessary

The company billed it as a “first-of-its-kind” item that lets customers turn extra opioid painkillers into trash, but the CDC says just flush the medicine down the toilet. Read More »

Girl whose photo went viral dies of DIPG weeks after diagnosis

The family announced the 5 year old’s death just days after a photo of her and her sobbing grandfather went viral. Read More »

Man Ruptures His Throat By Stifling A Big Sneeze, Prompting Doctors’ Warning

Not long after he suppressed a powerful sneeze, the patient’s neck began swelling, crackling and popping. It was a rare case — and he recovered — but doctors say there’s a moral here: Just let it rip. Read More »

Black Death spread by humans, vindicating rats

The spread of the plague during the Black Death, killing millions, was fueled by humans, not rodents, as previously believed, a new study has found. Read More »

Scientists identify what may have killed millions in mystery epidemic

Ancient DNA and a new technique identified what contributed to a “cataclysmic” population decline in Mexico and Guatemala in the 16th century. Read More »

Salmonella May Have Caused Massive Aztec Epidemic, Study Finds

The 16th century epidemic, likely set off or exacerbated by European invaders, was one of the most deadly in human history. New evidence traces it to a type of salmonella that causes a deadly fever. Read More »

Here’s how coconut oil could reduce risk of heart disease

Researchers wanted to analyse how eating it regularly would affect the volunteers’ cholesterol levels. Read More »

What does someone with mental illness look like? A museum tries to answer that.

An exhibit at Boston’s Museum of Science aims to dispel misconceptions with information. Read More »