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Heart transplant survivor dies after giving birth to first child

The couple spent six hours with their newborn before she started to experience complications Read More »

Humans could live to 150 years or beyond one day, according to new study

How long would you want to live for? New research suggests humans may have no fixed age limit. Read More »

Scientists Push Back Against Controversial Paper Claiming a Limit To Human Lifespans

Humans don’t like dying, they don’t like the idea of dying, and most have made not dying an important part of their life. Lots of folks are interested in making us not die for longer, so it was a real bummer last year when a team of researchers said that the maximum human lifespan has …

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440k Oregonians may lose health care under Obamacare repeal

State health officials say 440,000 Oregon residents could lose health care under the U.S. Senate’s proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act, potentially causing the state’s uninsured rate to triple to 15 percent by 2021. Read More »

Plague Is Found in New Mexico. Again.

Two people were found to have plague this week. What does the disease look like in the modern world, and why does it keep happening in New Mexico? Read More »

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Pharmacist at center of deadly meningitis outbreak gets 9 years in prison

Dozens of people died and hundreds more fell ill in 2012 after being injected with tainted drugs from Barry Cadden’s compounding pharmacy. Read More »

Two in New Mexico are diagnosed with the plague

Two women were confirmed to have the disease, bringing the total number of cases in the state to three this month. Read More »

The Tick Threat Is Serious This Year. Here’s How to Protect Yourself.

The ticks have arrived. So many, so tiny, so hungry. Scientists who study ticks saw this year coming. Read More »

Want to know if you have cancer? Let these dogs smell your urine

A small Japanese city will be the home for dogs that can detect cancer in humans by sniffing urine. Researchers say the dogs are highly accurate. Read More »