Monthly Archives: March 2017

Study: Slow breathing induces tranquility

Researchers at Stanford University uncover the mechanism behind why taking deep, slow breaths can illicit a sense of calm in a person. Read More »

Vets, Keepers Say April The Giraffe’s Delivery Shouldn’t Be Far Away

Keepers at Animal Adventure Park say April’s behavior is “off” from normal tonight, and wouldn’t even let veterinarians close, as she prepares to give birth. Read More »

Lonely People Report More Severe Cold Symptoms, Study Finds

The study builds on previous evidence linking loneliness to more serious health problems, but the findings do not link the sheer size of a person’s social network to cold symptom severity. Read More »

Forsyth County below N.C. urban peers on health, according to national study

Forsyth County showed improvement with its overall quality of health, but continued to trail its urban peers in North Carolina, according to a national study released Wednesday. Read More »

Device Mimicking Female Reproductive Cycle Could Aid Research

Scientists have assembled a lab system from living tissue that can replicate a woman’s 28-day hormonal cycle. The goal is to use the system to find new ways to treat a host of women’s health problems. Read More »